I know that a lot of us grow up wanting to be taken seriously. Many of us developed a fear of others laughing at our ideas, or thinking we were just playing around when were serious about something.

I know, for sure, that love is something that is laughable to others when it’s being spoken about/felt by someone younger.

A career, however, is out of the question completely.

“You’re just a kid, what do you know about building a career?”

Well. I happen to know a lot.

I was one of those kids who was actually always taken seriously. A bit too seriously at times. No one had to remind me of my homework, ever. I revised independently for all of my school tests from the age of 8. I chose my own activities and explored my own favourite genre of books, music, and types of food. I knew what I was good at (writing) and what I was terrible at (math). I kind of knew who I was very early on, and people saw that.

I did, however, get laughed at when I said I wanted to be a Ballerina (I was 8) and that I was in love (around 16). So I never pursued my dream job and fell out of love quickly, convincing myself it “wasn’t real”.

The thing is, we will always be kids in the eyes of anyone older. I know a great-grandmother who is still her elder sister’s “little one”. As loving as the place from which this comes is, it’s not entirely harmless.

Don’t tell me I’m just a kid (as if that’s a bad thing) – it discounts the value of my creativity, discredits my intentions, and abolishes my confidence entirely. Also – what’s wrong with being a kid? I admire children for their courage, their empathy, and sense of adventure. Kid can’t ever be a bad thing.

I might be young, fine. But watch me make that a good thing. Yes, there are a lot of “negative” things associated with youth (inexperience, over-confidence, lack of awareness, to name a few) but many of us know how to put that to good use. Many of us understand the repercussions of our actions, of our youth, and are careful with the responsibility of our actions.

We are carefully young. And that’s not a bad thing, either.

The objective of starting this platform Professionally Young is to highlight the aspect that young people CAN BE professional and professionals, and we need guidance from the experience of “elders”. Everyone plays an equally important role. We might be the future, but there won’t be a future without the present – and you’re it. We need you.

I’ve had an either part-time or full-time job since I was 15 (11 years ago) and I’ve managed to build an understanding of what it takes, and I’ve managed to understand what questions to ask about what I don’t know, and I’m yet to find out a lot more.

This is a journey for me, as much as it is for you.

This was just a thought piece, but more to follow on this topic. Share your thoughts in the comment section below, too.

Keep it fresh, kids. Chin up and keep working on YOU.

x Dunia

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