Organized space, organized mind

I’ve been confused for a while now; I know what I want to do, I know that I love doing it, but I just don’t do it.

I know that I want to be reading and writing more, but I find a million things that distract me instead.

I read a book by Steven Pressfield called “The War of Art”, all about fighting your inner creative battles and what he called ‘resistance’: the thing that keeps you from doing what you should be doing.

Yup, resistance has become a BFF of mine in recent times.

Anyway, what I realized is that my very MESSY life is what kept me from getting things done. How, you ask? Because my life wasn’t organized, and I had to organize it as I went. I’d come back home to a messy room or closet. I’d find piles of laundry staring at me, longing to be cared for. I’d find a bookcase to be dusted and de-cluttered, and a list of errands I had to run.

You think horror movies are scary? Nope. My life was terrifying with the way I was living it, I tell you.

SO! I knew that if I took care of the things – ONCE and for ALL – the exact same things that I took care of in small doses on a daily basis, everything would fall into place. And it did (I wouldn’t be here typing this if it didn’t)

Here’s how!

1. I threw out even MORE clothes.

I recently cleared out my closet (a more style topic which I’ll cover later) but this time was about CLUTTER.

Like, Dunia do you really need 10 black dresses? kind of clutter.

This meant less confusion in the morning when deciding what to wear, less organizing, less laundry, and just less stuff.

2. I organized my bookcase to look and feel good.

I’m no stranger to buying tons of books and never reading them. Other than wasting money, guess what that also does? Yup, creates clutter and wastes space.

So I re-organized everything, got rid of anything I didn’t want especially trinkets that didn’t mean anything to me (random gifts or impulse purchases on a trip somewhere) and I put what looks good and makes me feel good on display.

This way, I now know where everything I want or need is, it’s clean and simple, and it’s designed like art.

(if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I color-coordinated my books and they are now officially art.)

3. I organized my dresser.

Again, no stranger to piling up hair, nail and skin products and never being able to find what I need (and I always need them urgently).

So I got a few organizing baskets, placed them in my drawers, and categorized everything (inner Monica, rejoice.) Now everything is exactly in the right place.

As for the top of my dresser? ONLY things that look good and make me feel good live on there; this includes art or scents in gorgeous bottles or accessories that suit the decor of my room. Everything else lives happily ever after in a drawer somewhere.

4. and most importantly, I put things BACK and clean as I go.

I know this sounds very Living On Your Own 101 or the Basics of Being a Decent Human Being but both are very difficult to keep up when you work long hours and are attempting to have a life.

So now, as a rule, I pick up and clean up as I go (wiping, dusting, throwing away) and I put something back in it’s place as soon as I’m done using it. If I’m in an absolute hurry, I’ll give myself until the end of the day to do that – no more I’M TOO TIRED.

No, Dunia, you could never be too tired to put that bottle of lotion back in its place.

And that’s pretty much it. Now let’s see how long this will last me. Hopefully I’ve created a habit for life. Everything feels so much better and I truly have tons of time to get other things done without an ounce of guilt!

NOTE: I’m an organizing freak so I’m living proof that we can sometimes let our life get out of control even though we’re very unhappy about it. If I can fix mine, you can fix yours.

Until next time – love & light!

x Dunia

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  1. Fedaa

    I Loveeeeeee itttttt. Just what I needed. Can’t wait to get back to my apartment In Sha Allah and do this.

    Clutter on the outside really messes up our insides.

    I think it was responsible for 60% of my nervous breakdowns in pregnancy hehehe

  2. Walaa K. Turki

    Dunia, I can relate to every single word in this post. I’ve been through the same thing and even tho you learn your lesson and set a rule that lasts for a good amount of time sometimes things get out of control again. So I learned there is no Once and For all act that will keep my life perfectly organized and everything in its place. Our lives get messy from time to time. So I learned to try my best to follow the rule but not to be hard on myself when I fell off the wagon. It is okay, I tell myself, Just rest & have your energy back then get back on track.

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