While you’re reading this, you’re either in high school, in college, or working a job that you hate. And whatever stage you may be in, one thing’s for certain: you want the career of your dreams.

Is this going to be easy? No. The grass may be greener on the other side, but green grass takes a LOT of effort to maintain.

Think about that for a second. Everything that looks good usually needs constant work to stay that way.

So, first thing we’re going to cover here is:

You need to realize that you’re going to have to work hard for it.

Nothing worth having comes easy. Got it? Are you sure? Ok good. Let’s move on.

1- Identify the dream

What do you want to do? What industry do you want to be in? What do you want to achieve? You can’t get it if you don’t know what it is.

2- What tools do you need to achieve it?

Do you need a degree? What certifications are required? What do you need to learn? What experience do you need to have?

3- Do you have access to information?

Do you know anyone in the position you wish to be in, and can they give you more information? Is there an organization similar to where you want to be, that you can visit or do an internship at to get a better understanding of what it’s like?

4- Be real with yourself.

You have to realize this:

a) there are a lot of smart, talented, qualified people out there. you are not the only one.

b) achieving a dream is hard, and you need to really want it. how much do you want it?

c) you will have to prove yourself and learn before you can get what you want. are you ready?

5- Let the work begin.

Focus on what you have to do in order to get the job/career you want. Practice the skills. Learn as much information as you can. Talk to experienced people. Do your research. Prepare. Apply. Follow up. Make connections. Leave an impact.

A LOT of people live their whole lives still dreaming but have never bothered to put in the work. I am here to tell you that you will NOT be that person. We DON’T make excuses. We get the work DONE.

6- Don’t take NO for an answer.

I know what you’re thinking: if you apply to work somewhere and they reject you, it’s over. Right? Wrong. Let’s use this example:

You want to work as an app developer at Apple. Ok great. So you go to college, get the degree, work at a local firm, get experience, apply to Apple, and they say “no thanks.” What do you do? That’s a NO. How do you not take it? Easy.

You say thank you, and apply everywhere else until you get something.

The DREAM is still Apple, but the steps to reach the dream consist of every other company in the world. Take those steps. If you’re not climbing, them you’re just sitting at the bottom looking high up at Apple and just wishing you could get there.

  • If you’re climbing the ladder and you’re doing really well, an opportunity at Apple might open up half-way through.
  • And sometimes, even if you’re doing really well, an opportunity might not open up until the end of the ladder has been reached.
  • And, even better, an opportunity at Apple might never open up, but you might have changed your dream to someplace else on the way there.

THAT is not taking no for an answer. We DO NOT sit down and cry if someone says we’re not good enough to work for them. What WE DO do is: (1) work hard and prove that we are (2) move on to where we are supported and appreciated.

Getting hooked on a dream can be the best thing that ever happened to you. But it can be easily turned into a nightmare. Don’t get too fixed on reaching the dream, that you don’t end up learning anything on the way.

Understand that dreams can change – goals can evolve on the way – and that the only thing that matters is that you are honest with yourself about what you want and you put in the work that is needed.

Dreams don’t come easy, but they’ll always be worth it. & guess what? It’s never too late.

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x Dunia


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  1. 2na

    Nicely written, specially the part about maybe you will change your dream , happens a lot

    Proud of you

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