why do we not do the things we want to do?

You know what I’m talking about.

Most of us have that one thing (or more) that we can’t stop thinking about doing, get excited about doing, plan everything to do with doing it, but never actually do.

It could be a delay/laziness/procrastination that goes on for a few days, or for a few years.

“Resistance” as one of my favourite books portrays it. It’s that thing that (irrationally) keeps you from doing the thing you love.

Doesn’t make sense at all. For example: I love writing. It’s all I think about. It’s all I ever want to do. But it’s taken me weeks to write this very post.

It doesn’t make sense that we let some stupid (yes, anything that keeps you from what you love is ridiculous) reason come in the way when nothing else is.

You are free to do what you love and yet, you don’t. Come on.

Curious to know my stupid reasons? Here they go:

I’m afraid:

I’m so worried that when I sit down and write about what I have in mind, it doesn’t come out right. And I’m afraid that people won’t like what it is, too.

I have to do other things:

There’s always an errand to run or a chore to do. And the list is never ending. And it eats up all my time.

I’m really, really tired because of the other things I had to do:

… comment.

I don’t feel like I’m worthy of happiness:

Writing makes me happy and feel accomplished, but when I haven’t done right in other areas of my life I end up feeling unworthy of that happiness (also known as a form of self-punishment).

I don’t have time:

There is always time.

I run out of reasons, and so I sit and sulk in my pathetic self:

and then I get up and do it.

Spare yourself the torment of this vicious cycle and just GET UP AND DO IT. (or sit down, whatever works).

Now excuse me while I reward myself for writing this (even though I’m afraid that it’s not so great and I’m really, really tired because of the other things I had to do).

See you on the productive side,

Dunia x

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