I’m back & better than ever

I recently took a “break” from social media that included much less time scrolling through Instagram (not NO time because there were important things I needed to stay updated on AND my work involves a lot of it) and as little time as possible on Facebook, Snapchat, even Linkedin. Basically any app that provided me with “updates” on personal lives or aspirational images that brands or influencers put out there.

I took this break because it all became too much. There was a time when my self-esteem (which is usually ridiculously high) took a hit, and I only noticed when I realized I was zooming in to every influencer post thinking, “how are you so perfect?” – when I knew the answer, and I knew the how: she does things to herself – “invests” in her physical appearance – in ways I would never even want to do myself. So, logic says, why bother over something you are not willing to do? Right? But, where is logic when you need it the most.

But that wasn’t even the main reason for the break. The main reason was TIME. And mainly the LACK of it. Or, actually, the ILLUSION of the lack of it. See, we all et 24 hours. I wrote about this before, about organizing your time. If we ALL get the same 24 hours, how come some get more accomplished than others (minus any help)? I realized with the time I was spending on Instagram, I could really be doing everything, ANYTHING, else. Here’s what I was wasting it on:

  • Planning my own content
  • Designing/creating my own content
  • Uploading my own content (it takes time)
  • Monitoring content of others; assessing, comparing, and planning
  • Absent-mindedly scrolling, scrolling, scrolling
  • Saving photos for “inspiration” later
  • Sharing memes with friends
  • Looking for more memes to share with friends
  • Wondering if the content I posted earlier was good enough, because it received unsatisfactory response since I posted it 1 hour ago.

Yup, pretty much. I love Instagram. I love photos. I love content. But THAT was a little too much to be doing once every our, every one of the 24 hours almost.

So I replaced it with this:

  • Reading 1 book a month
  • Working out at 6AM (or 6PM) daily
  • Doing a 30-day yoga challenge (40 mins daily)
  • Spend time thinking about what I’ve done (like a little kid in the naughty corner)
  • Have conversations and share laughs with the people I love (which sounds easier than it actually is when you’re distracted)


  • I failed miserably. But I feel like I’ve actually succeeded.

Not because of any one reason. I DID finish a book, I did workout many days, and kind of got bored of yoga (I despise guided yoga or meditation) after day 3. But I feel like I succeeded because I spent almost ALL my time split between point 4 & 5; thinking about what I’ve done, and conversations and laughter with the ones I love.

So, the ACTUAL result:

  • I now know the symptoms of a distracted Dunia and I know exactly how to avoid it and how to stop it if it ever occurs again, which it will. I know why I hate being her and why I love being this new version.
  • My friends and family have actually had the chance to get to know me better and Ive shared so many beautiful memories in just a few weeks.

I’ve actually walked into rooms and had people tell me: “You seem so much lighter.” And my usual cynical self always thinks to itself, “If only they knew how much ***** I’m going through.” and then I realize, who cares? You’re reflecting light on others not despite but WITH what you’re going through, and that’s strength darling. And all you had to do to earn it was spend less time on other people’s photos and more on your inner self? Wow… wish I knew that before I wasted all that time.

So, I say to this new and improved Dunia: “Own the light, baby. You’ve earned it.”

I’d love to chat with you about my experience and help you find a way to achieve the same. Get in touch!

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  1. Hiba

    I really like your words it simply contains a deep taught 💗 it makes me pause and think !!

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