Post-Ramadan Productivity

Another month of Ramadan has come and gone, bittersweet to some especially as they bid the “shorter” and “later” 6-hour working days goodbye. While working during a fast is a whole other topic, we’re here to tackle the dreadful question and to shed some light on possible solutions to: HOW DO I GO BACK TO NORMAL WORKING HOURS? and (hopefully) still maintaining some level of productivity. A funny meme I saw the other day posed the question: “how did I work before?”. And this is very, very real. What makes it all worse is actually coming back to longer/normal working hours after a few days of pure holiday (Eid) bliss! That’s a double challenge ACCEPTED here on Professionally Young. Let’s break this down.


Instead of looking at that 8/9 hour monster and freaking out, break it down into less scary parts – ideally 4 parts – that will be much easier to tackle. Try this: Morning, Pre-Lunch, Post-Lunch, End of Day. If you work less/different hours, adjust to suit your working day.


Based on the day-split you opt for, assign tasks and goals to each.

Our tip: Morning is for getting things out of the way (quick tasks, quick emails, planning)

Pre-Lunch is to tackle the big ones (any more time-consuming tasks or strategizing to be done) while some feel their worst before lunch, I use it as a time to speed through work with lunch as a well-deserved reward.

Post-Lunch is for catching a breather and trying to beat that afternoon snooze urge, so take on lighter tasks that definitely started building up during the first half of the day.

End of Day/Evening is to use the light at the end of the tunnel as your motive to get things done! The best feeling on busy days is to close a task, while it proves super daunting to have a task follow you to the next day – yikes!


Seriously, if the pure bliss of being able to snack at your desk is not cheering you up enough to power through 2 extra hours per day, I don’t know what will.

My honest truth is I wasn’t really productive during Ramadan and found tons of creative ways to pass time (I hate to admit it but we’re here for the truth!). I worked from 10 AM – 4 PM and felt like the day was a drag. Although it was a great feeling to leave the office with some light left in the day, I know that I’ll be left picking up on the Ramadan laziness for a couple of weeks to come.

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